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  • We are continuously working with our R&D team for improvement and healthy water which is the basic demand of today for sustainable living.
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    Healthy family with healthty living.
  • We are using this platform in order to minimize the cost of the product.
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  • We have created plan which will make every class people to install the product.
  • We have refferal scheme for the socially active people.
  • We do not forget the customers after installation we will will provide extended warranty for life time with minimum charges annually.
  • Fit it and forget it we will be the guardian of your product all the cleanliness and service will be initiated by the company which will be controlled buy push notification through Samy’s App.

Sammy Purifier

Purifying water using the traditional methods don’t remove soluable impurities like arsenic, floride, chemicals, salts, etc. from water. This is where SAMY RO Water Purifiers can help you out. SAMY RO Purifiers remove dissolved impurities but maintain essential minerals in purified water.


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